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Our activities encompass the large assortment of products and services:
Complete Engineering can manufacture production runs of any size and any quantity. We offer a hydraulic design service ranging from component specification to complete hydraulic system design, fabrication, installation and commissioning. We have CNC machining capabilities as well as precision machining, fabrication and welding expertise.
  According to QMS 9001-20001) Direct and alternating cylinders;
2) One and multi action Cylinders;
3) Telescopic one or multi actions cylinders;
4) Hydraulic revolution cylinders:
5) Pneumatic cylinders;
6) Cylinders of short, middle and large hub;
7) Cylinders of various uses, sizes and diameter to 800 and hub to 10 m;
8) Materials according to all cylinders use conditions;
9) Standard cylinders of stainless steel for a number of industries;
10) Cylinders used in a number of machines and devices in chemical, food industry, construction, service utility, agricultural, forest and recycling machines, shipyards, mines, platforms, etc;
11) Specially designed cylinders on demand;
12. Shutter cylinders* carbon mines;
13) Paint according to customerís necessities, desires and requirements;
14) Producing materials for all purposes; atmospheric and thermal conditions; special valves and components are available on demand.
Our products are the result of well developed, designed, and produced, assembled and serviced; carefully monitored and controlled productís working cycle.